A 9 Step Cheatsheet for Becoming a Public Speaking Expert

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What does it take to be a great public speaker?

London Speaker Bureau has put it all together on a pretty page.  From content to delivery, from startings to endings and from logos to ethos to pathos, its all here in this infographic.

The London Speaker Bureau represent and work with some of the most influential people in the world, from politicians and economists to thought leaders and entrepreneurs.  Between them, they cover a vast range of topics, from management and finance to technology, education, innovation and the environment

If you’ve ever wanted a beautiful poster size infographic to guide your development as a persuasive speaker, this is the one.

9 Steps to Public Speaking Expertise

Hat tip to Joe Shervell.


  1. Reblogged this on Undecided and commented:
    I go to a lot seminars/conferences etc and a really good speaker makes all the difference to the tone of the whole event. Its great to see the small difference that can be made to increase an attendees enjoyment of an event.

  2. The REAL speech demonstrates to me that business is really just feminine.

    Can you imagine Abraham, Moses, or King David considering to limiting themselves to only what the people were interested in hearing? There sits David, conquerer of giants, afraid of speaking truth, afraid of following the will of God because an Israelite might not want to hear it. Is this what happened?

    Wait, wait John, you might say, business is separate than religion. Our goal is to make money and one does not do that by offending people!

    I suppose business is separate than any allegiance owed to God. Now which takes primacy?

  3. Thanks Conor, like this a lot, and all i can add is that the most important parts of any presentation are first’s and last’s, I train executives to Never End on Q & A for a number of reasons, but the main one being always end strong (last’s) maybe with a link back to your start (first’s)?
    My process is: Pre end (summary) “just before I end , we now we have a few minutes for Q & A, (deal with Q’s) then say, “Thanks for listening my main point is…”here we either call to action or something that is memorable etc…!

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