The key to transforming yourself

I came across this TEDx talk by Robert Green – the author of “The 48 Laws of Power“. He shares his life experience.  He was lost, without any clear career direction for many years.  At 36 years old, his parents despaired of him.

In a single conversation with the right person, all of that past experience became the necessary preparation for the book that made him famous.

“The way to transform yourself is through your work” Robert Green

He answers the question: “how do I let this process work in my own life?” How do you allow your intuition and life experience to guide you gently towards what you are here to be and do?

His answer is that it is our work that has the greatest capacity to change ourselves from the inside out. You cannot find yourself on the weekend or in vacations or through drugs or journeys. You find yourself through your work.

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  1. “The way you transform yourself is through your work.” This reminds me of an anecdote by Seth Godin that I read years ago.

    He was on vacation somewhere and one night, around 11:00 pm or so, he went to the hotel lobby with his laptop to check email or do some other work. WiFi was only available in the lobby.

    After a while, a couple entered the lobby, having just returned from an evening out. As they passed Seth, he heard the woman say to her husband, “Isn’t it sad that some people can’t forget about their work for a couple of weeks a year?” He smiled to himself and thought, “Isn’t is sad that some people have to spend their year dreaming about those two weeks when they can forget about their work?”

    If more people could find meaning in the work that they do, the number of societal improvements would blow us all away.

    1. I love the story. The problem, though, is when you enjoy your work and feel grateful for it… you can end up not taking proper vacations…

      1. Indeed. Of course, it is a very personal thing – how much vacation one needs. But taking personal time is important. I find it important to take time not just in the form of vacation time but also a bit of time for me every day. It definitely helps.

  2. 101% Agreed 🙂

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