“Always Busy” is a Decision

You don’t find time, you make time.

“Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.” Debbie Millman*

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Anything worthwhile should take a long time.  The myth of overnight success is just that… a myth.  Acorns take time to become great oaks.  Nothing that comes easily will feel worthwhile, but I chase the quick fixes and the rapid results.  There is no other path than committing to the hard labour of the path.  A mountain climber uses his own strength to reach the summit, he knows that a helicopter and a parachute does not count.

I find myself so often searching for a few more facebook likes, rather than writing and rewriting chapters that put my ideas into an improved form.  I need to remind myself that hard work on what matters is both rewarding in and of itself, and the only real path to somewhere worthwhile.

*I found this quote over at Maria Popova’s brainpicking blog.

2 responses to ““Always Busy” is a Decision”

  1. Hi Connor, lately I´m using a substitute. It´s about using a specific time to have a task done. If time exhausts (which happens so often) sometimes you´d need to leave the task not done till the swear. If your are a perfectionist don´t expect a satisfaction feeling arising on first times. It gets better though when you think that done is better than perfect. I read somewhere this is called the Parkinson Law. Any experiences of yourself on this?

    1. Pomodoro technique is very much an applied version of this. Set timer and work until done.

      When I write, I separate writing and editing. Writing is getting any words onto the paper. Editing is making the words better. I write without stopping and when I have a full draft of the article, I go back and rewrite.

      A 99% complete draft is not complete. A bad 100% draft can be improved bit by bit.

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