How to Concentrate

I met Dandapani at EO Instanbul University and have since met him in Barcelona when he came to run a 1 day retreat for our chapter of the EO organisation.

He spent 10 years as a Hindu monk, and now shares what he learnt about using our mind and our awareness in an intentional manner.  We need to learn to use our mind well.  We need to learn to concentrate.

Here is his TEDx talk, titled “Unwavering Focus”.

Unwavering Focus

We become good at what we practice and most of us are experts at practicing distraction. We live in a society that trains us to multi-task and jump from one thing to another in an uncontrolled way. The great panacea for a world plagued by distraction is learning and practicing the art of concentration. In this talk Dandapani shares tools to learn to create focus in our lives.

PS My favourite joke in the speech 5:56 “She asked me ‘Is it ok for monks to use email?’  I turned to her and said ‘yes, but as long as there are no attachments’” 😉

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  1. This is excellent .it reminds me of the book message from the master by macdonald

    1. Thank you for the recommendation – I’ll have a look at the book 😉

  2. […] recently shared a TEDx talk from Dandapani on How to Concentrate.  This is a follow up post, with 3 specific steps to improve your concentration (here Dandapani […]

  3. So inspiring! Although my working environment is very distracting (sales department), Dandapani has managed to keep me focused on his speech and learning during the whole time of the video… a bit like you during your courses at the MBA.
    Indeed, people and things have the power to make our awareness moving from one place to another and to learn how to control our awareness requires indeed a lot of practice and effort!
    Thank you Conor!

    Damien Latour

    1. 😉 thank you Damien – a new perspective on the role of a teacher – someone who can productively take control of the awareness of people… nice idea…

  4. great joke 🙂

    1. 😉 monk humour!

      1. what did the Buddhist say when he walked into a pizza place? Make me one with everything… 🙂

      2. hehe!
        why did the turkey cross the road?
        …to prove he wasn’t chicken

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