We Must Learn to Spot “Fake” Leaders

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett call them “chauffeur” leaders.  I call them fake leaders.  All noise, no delivery.  All bluster, no execution.  Bill Treasurer calls them Pigheads and Weaklings.

We must learn to see behind the show, the presentation skills.  Is the person a leader, or a “chauffeur” leader.  Listen to the video below to hear where “chauffeur” leaders comes from…

If you are reading this via email,  watch the video here: We Must Learn How to Spot Fake Leaders.

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3 responses to “We Must Learn to Spot “Fake” Leaders”

  1. Abhishek Arrawatia Avatar
    Abhishek Arrawatia

    Hey Conor,

    I always look forward to receive link to your new videos and articles and really enjoy watching and reading them.

    Do you plan to be in thr US anytime soon.. would really like to meet you in person.

    1. I’ll be in New York in June, teaching for a week at the IESE Campus just below Central Park.

  2. Do “chauffeur” leaders follow patterns? For example, I have the feeling Chauffeur leaders often get profit of brainy, valuable people they always try to be surrounded by.

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