Setting Goals for 2017

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Each year I decide on a few words that set the theme for the year.  Last year was Connect, Create, Complete.  This year I have set Unconditional Peace of Mind as the theme.

I will explain more on what these words mean over the course of the year. Meanwhile there are two specific areas that I will be working to master in 2017.  I explain in the video above.

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PS The idea of setting 3 words as your theme for the year came from Chris Brogan.

10 responses to “Setting Goals for 2017”

  1. Just wrote to say I struggle too with same subjects here (“what’s the objetive?”)

    So far I take it one day at the time, somedays I am better, others…

    “To be a rock, and not to roll”, as led zep would say. 😉

    1. Led Zep… now there is a source of inspiration… will load up some tunes on the Sonos speakers now 😉

  2. Unconditional peace of mind requires a deliberate mindset of being grateful, self assured and being content. Being grateful allows you to see the positive sides in everything and anything; self assured allows you to be confident to let things flow naturally and most importantly self-worth; being content deflates the ego and promotes patience to wait for what’s to come.

    A very powerful goal indeed Conor and I am on the journey with you on this …god speed!

  3. You probably need some good sun screen for the Barcelona sun!

    1. For the Irish skin… factor 50 all the way. I lived in Sydney for 3 years… they really make you feel like an idiot there if you go out without sunscreen 😉

  4. I found the 3 words creative so here are mine :

    Connect spirituallay, connect with family and friends

    -Knowledge :
    Reading and writing articles, sharing what learnt, give it back

    – Espresso :
    It’s not only I’m in love with it but it means to chill out, hang out home, change the atmosphere
    I’m writing this comment while having an espresso at Starbucks which means I’m fullfiling two milestone at a time 😉


  5. Before I check to see more details on Brian’s blog, I would like to say… no! I support Ecatherine, Courage, perserverance, Exponential (life)

    1. Eka will be happy 😉

  6. Change, challenge and improvement

  7. Courage, perseverance, exponential (life).

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