Your Success lives outside your Comfort Zone | Wise words from Kafka, Mueck, Anagor and Mills

Getting out of your Comfort Zone.

I’m on a Sunday hike with Florian and his son Alvaro. We’re on our way toward the restaurant for lunch, when we find the river is overflowing and the foot bridge is under fast flowing water…  What do we do?

Are you waiting for permission? For the important things in life, there is nobody who can give you the permission that you need.

There comes a moment when you must commit even though you lack clarity.

“If you knew how to achieve it and could guarantee success: it is a task, not a dream” Alden Mills

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3 responses to “Your Success lives outside your Comfort Zone | Wise words from Kafka, Mueck, Anagor and Mills”

  1. Thank you Conor

    I watched your video a few times. I have been middle management in a safe company for ten years. The job was going well but I would be in the same position in another ten years. I have taken a leap of faith and moved to a new company. It took a lot to overcome the’ lizard’ part of my brain. Your videos are inspiring. Looking forward to challenges in new role.

  2. Happy Birthday Conor! it’s exactly like you just sad, thank you it gives me additional confidence to move forward out of my comfort zone i was afraid to leave several times. an additional that decision is suported by moving to my dream but not working on getting just my task done agane and again daily. I am confident now and it is great feeling….and i need to live with it for some time). Best reagrds, Andrey

    1. Thank you Andrey… keep moving forward!

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