What I Say when I have Nothing to Say

I’ve made a video every week since November 2016 when Christoph Magnussen, Rich Mulholland and myself made a joint commitment during Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Global Leadership Academy 2016.

This week I had nothing to say. I had lots of excuses. I wanted to make the video last Friday… didn’t. I wanted to make the video on Sunday… didn’t (we saw Star Wars!). I wanted to make the video on Monday… didn’t.

Today, Tuesday was the annual leadership meeting of my company Vistage. I knew there would be no time for making videos since last week. We got to the end of the day… I was packed and heading into the garage… to the car… and I thought – I am not going to miss a video after 56 straight weeks of posting a video.

I went up to the roof of IESE Business School and I turned on the camera and the microphone and admitted that I had nothing to say this week.

And then I found something to say…

Have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a fantastic last few days of 2017. We’ll have a great 2018.

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4 responses to “What I Say when I have Nothing to Say”

  1. Great video Conor and from a great teacher and coach. Thanks and best on the season to you

    1. Likewise John, have a wonderful Christmas 😉

  2. Congrats!!!!!!! Great message (out of nothing as you say 🙂 I wish you and Eka and your girls a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all the seeds you planted and worried about bring amazing fruits!! Tomek&Ania&girls 🙂

    Dnia 19.12.2017 o godz. 19:16 Moving People to Action napisał(a):

    > >

    1. Thank you Tomek & Ania & girls! Seeds are well planted, being fertilised and I am full of hope for a wonderful harvest in the coming years!

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