Great Games to play with Family

Games to play with family at home or on travels. First I share board games, then card games. These are games we play at home, and when we are on travels, waiting in airports, train stations or cafes.

Thanks to Rich Mulholland for most of the inspiration on board games, and to Keti for being at the end of a phone when we need card game rule clarifications šŸ˜‰

Board Games

Strategic board games that are fun to play with your family.


Strategy board game where players try to grow bamboo, guide rivers and avoid the Panda eating your garden. Takes 2 hours per game. Can play with 2, but better with 3+

Ticket to Ride

Strategy board game where players build train tracks and compete to have the biggest track network across Europe. 2+ players, but better 3+.


War game where players play to take over the whole world with their armies. Friendships can be damaged when you break your treaties! 3+ players. Games last 1-2 hours.


Turn based strategy game. This game involves building of alliances and getting people to trust you. At a certain point, alliances start to fall apart, and emotions rise. Not for the faint hearted… need to agree to forgive everything the moment the game ends šŸ˜‰ . Games can last 5-6 hours.


Strategy board game where you accumulate resources and build your empire via trade.


Strategy board game where players buy properties and develop homes and hotels, allowing them to ask for rent from other players. 3+ players, lasts 60-90 minutes.

Card Games

These are the games we play most in our home, the choice of game is often very much based on how many players we have for the game.

  • Dou Di Zhou 3 players
  • Gin Rummy 2 players
  • Hearts 4 players
  • Joker 4 players (looking for the rules… let me know if you have a link to rules for this game)
  • Stupid (Durak) 3 players

Picture below is from an epic 3 hour game of Joker last year in Rocamadour, France between four of us (while our little one slept her siesta).

What did you Play?

What games do you play with your family? What games do you remember playing from when you were young?

What are your thoughts?

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