Leaders Must Develop 2 Skills in the People around Them

If you are a leader, you need to work on developing 2 skills in the people around you:

  • Influence and
  • Decision Making.

The Importance of Influence Skills

Without the people around you learning how to influence others, they will always need your involvement to get anything done.

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The Importance of Good Decision Making

Without the people around you taking good decisions, you will always need to step in to stop disaster from happening.  In the IESE MBA program we have a course called “Analysis of Business Problems”.  We teach a 6 step process for business decision making:

  1. What is the Problem?
  2. What are the Criteria?
  3. What are the Options?
  4. Compare Options to Criteria
  5. Select Option
  6. Create a Plan

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2 responses to “Leaders Must Develop 2 Skills in the People around Them”

  1. Hello again 🙂 inspiring video as usual!
    As I am in a stade where i should make “big” decisions, almost re-starting from scratch, trying to start my own small business in the Architecture and Design field, what would be the process to go through. Should it be also taking the time to define the problems we went through to make better decisions? or Is it more focusing on new long term goals?
    Thank you again 🙂

  2. Hello Conor, Good to see You smilingly teaching those two imprtant points! – Especilly I appreciate today the teaching of Einstein – 59 seconds defining the problem, 1 second resolving the problem!

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