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How do I get clarity and focus and discipline into my life? | Adi M  



Not really a question. I have emailed this to you earlier before I saw your -reply email to your email list news. And I’m going to share the email with you here again just in case that email is not accessible.

In fact, when I first heard your Ted talk was almost 2 years ago. But back then, I did not much make out of it although I did keep it in my downloads. This past summer however, I had to go back and listen to it again several times. I had spent three months time-off and I’m currently at a stage where I believe I have to start a new chapter in my life where I must bring myself a step up closer to my vision (which I’m not quite sure of right now state # 2 & # 4 as mentioned in one of your recent articles) which I had to use some of your mentioned tools from that talk.

Having said that, I believe I do need your expertise to direct me further in my path. Any suggestions please?!

What can I do to be able for you to guide me/ mentor me?!
Thank you 🙏.
Adi .

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Steady Progress beats everything. Be the turtle, not the hare.  Here is "The Ant Philosophy":  

1 page a day = progress… make slow and steady progress, not fast and inconsistent.

How to get Clarity:

  • - Start a journal and write every day - here's an introduction to how to use a journal  
  • 10/10/10 - Start your morning with intention - 10 minutes reflection on the question "At the end of the day today, what do I want to be grateful for?"; 10 minutes reading something inspiring; 10 minutes silent reflection... each morning... if you only have 1 minute, answer the first question.
  • - Do this exercise 6 areas of life that you need to clarify and move towards fulfillment

How to get motivated:

Lessons on Taking Charge of Your Future (Entrepreneurship)

Write your own version of these lists:

- 17 Daily Personal Habits of Fulfillment

- 158 great lessons I have learnt in life


As I think of more answers... will add them here.




Hello Mr Conor. I would like to thank you truly for your quick reply and all your quality efforts. I will throughly go over the information you sent me and follow it step at a time. Thank you very much again. I’m Truly grateful🙏. And I will be in touch with you. Cheers 🥂. Adi.

Excellent 😉