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How do I learn to become a CEO?

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What is the path to becoming an effective CEO? What do I need to learn and what experiences do I need to be effective as a CEO? 

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Best answer is watch this 30 minute interview with Waldemar Schmidt, past-CEO of ISS, a 250,000 employee company…


The Job of the CEO.

This is a 30 minute interview I conducted with Waldemar Schmidt, past-CEO of a 250,000 employee global company.

He shared insights about the role of the CEO:

  1. How to get the CEO role
  2. How to be a good CEO
  3. How to end your time as CEO and
  4. What to do next.

About Waldemar Schmidt: past-CEO of ISS, a 250,000 employee global facilities services business. Currently on the Boards of 28 companies, London Business School Advisory Board, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Executive in Residence at IMD. Author of 4 books including “The Job of the CEO”.

Highlights from the Interview

  • 1:49 What is the Job of the CEO?
  • 3:18 Know Products, Numbers, Customers
  • 4:30 Management and Leadership
  • 5:35 Taking Good Decisions
  • 12:40 The Calendar of the CEO
  • 15:07 What do you do after being a CEO?
  • 16:45 Why did Waldemar step back from the CEO role?
  • 18:10 Advice to a 55 year old ex-CEO
  • 19:55 Networking as a CEO
  • 21:18 How to Build Relationships with top Head Hunters
  • 23:20 130 dilemmas that CEOs will face in life and business
  • 23:50 The worst enemy of great leadership: Arrogance

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