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How do I find my vision for post-Covid Future?

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Looking at the post-COVID or rather with-COVID world..what are the main mega-trends relevant to business and entrepreneurship that you see?!

zoey 18/03/2021 5:39 pm

As we know that it is the situation of pandemic and everyone is serving in this condition.

liwej99188 30/04/2021 5:00 am
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great question!

among1 01/11/2021 8:33 am

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Some near term trends due to Covid19…

  • Digitalisation -> companies, schools, governments have done 10 years of digitalisation in 3 months. 
  • Sales going Online -> Amazon a big winner… all companies needed rapid online sales channel. Even car sales now going online (delivery to your garage) in Spain.
  • Automation (Robots, Process automation) -> When companies have to invest inwards rather than on growth, automation of processes is one of the biggest winners.  
  • Job Market changes – > increased value on technical skills and jobs that can be done remote.  On the other hand as jobs become remote, you compete globally as an employee.  
  • AI enhanced systems -> AI taking over repetitive decision making and serving as decision support in complex decisions.
  • Medical Research -> Vaccine research has done 20 years worth of progress in 3 months; this will have spill over effects on lots of drug development processes.
  • Competence -> Populist leaders have been the least prepared to lead their countries and organisations when faced by complex crisis.  There will be a new-found interest in political and organisation leaders who show both competence and an ability to listen to experts before taking a balanced decision.
  • Government Debt Blowout -> Public finances will be a mess.  Nations that can continue to borrow can support local education, companies, industrial activities (Germany, US, China).  Nations that cannot borrow will struggle to support local industrial activity (South Europe, Africa, LATAM).  Industrial giants who are close to regulators and have access to public financial support will win in the near term.

What other impacts will be felt and be accelerated because of Covid19?  Would love your reflections, questions and inputs…


Hm…. well personally I suggest that there will be a lot of great changes in the economical sphere. There are a lot of online businesses will grow very fast and the offline will slowly die. For example. The firm where I was working is bankrupt, and now I am looking for something new online. I hope that I will solve this problem really fast because I am making the main income in my family. By the way, can you recommend some other online platform where it is possible to find a job during the pandemic?


I find the best opportunities come from linkedin


Hello Everyone,

Yes, you can go with Digital Marketing and even easily way to earn the money by sitting at home. This is the best option to do work as a freekancer in this pandemic situation. And not hard to learn this.


Khushbu Khandelwal

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When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. And as executives struggle to make sense of the post-COVID business environment, many find themselves leading from this gray area of indecision.

Two years ago, relatively few executives considered competencies in crisis management, enterprise agility, cost management, workforce resiliency, innovation, or cash-flow management as critically important to their business. Today, however, top executives tell a different tale.

link to sourse:

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That’s a really good question.


Dear @billykk

Tough times. Sorry to hear that your current employer is facing bankruptcy. 

How to find a job fast?  

70-80% of jobs are found through your network. Only 20% of jobs ever make it to job boards, recruiters or public forums.

How is your network?

Who have you helped over the last 24 months? Who have you given time, energy, resources, ideas to help them progress?  If the answer is “I don’t know” then you don’t have a network.  It is time to begin building a real network so that in 3-5 years time you are surrounded by people who are looking out for you.

Here is the summary of an article I wrote several years ago on networking: Networking in Seven Simple Steps

If you don’t have a network, there are job boards that I have used to hire people over the last few years:



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