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“I want to Guest Post on your Blog”

Welcome. I’m glad you are here. I love all those that do the difficult work of putting their thoughts down in written form. I believe it is critical to developing your thinking and good decision making skills. You are on a good path. Keep putting your pen to paper, or your fingers to keyboard…

I get many requests for guest posting on this blog.

I do accept guest posts.

However, many requests are rejected.

There are some some characteristics that are important to me. If you wish to have a guest post published on this blog, here are the guidelines:

  • I only accept articles written from personal experience.  If that is a style that you can handle, feel free to share a theme/concept with me in the form below. If you are writing in the name of a company, I am interested in your personal experience as well as the company perspective.
  • I will accept one url link in the guest article to your blog, company or other website.
  • I require a short bio (2 lines) and personal photo to accompany your article.
  • I do not accept list posts that have no data or specific examples supporting the list items.
  • The audience of this blog are leaders who are looking for practical frameworks, perspectives and tips on how to lead their organisations, communities and families.

An example of Personal Experience style

This would be one of my favourite guest posts, written clearly by Eric Ronning from his own personal experiences of life: Everything Changes, Everything is Connected, Pay Attention



I want to Guest Post

If you are up to the challenge, then fill in the form below

All past guest posts are here

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My own Guest Posts

My blogging out on other big blogs and news sites:



VentureBeat, (Global #3 Blog for Startups)

Entrepreneur Communications: Venture Village

Active Garage blog series: The Origin of Leaders

One of the most sought after answers in our society is “Where do leaders come from?” We depend greatly on them, but what do we do to ensure that the future has the people with the leadership capability that we will need. If they are born, there is not much to do. If they can be developed, then we have a responsibility to systematize the process by which great leaders can be created.

  1. The Origin of Leaders Pt 1: Imagination. Developing your most powerful human talent.
  2. The Origin of Leaders Pt 2: Ambition. Breaking the chains of mediocrity.
  3. The Origin of Leaders Pt 3: Learning. Growing through the “Crucibles” in your life.
  4. The Origin of Leaders Pt 4: Self discipline. Cultivate the habit of completion.
  5. The Origin of Leaders Pt 5: Habits. Routine sets you free.
  6. The Origin of Leaders Pt 6: Focus. Eliminating Distractions.
  7. The Origin of Leaders Pt 7: “A” Players. Surrounding yourself with the right people
  8. The Origin of Leaders Pt 8: Leveraging. Helping others to expand the impact of your leadership.
  9. The Origin of Leaders Pt 9: Fulfillment. Continuing your journey for life.


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