The Most Important Question for a Speaker

I was asked by Irina Kremin to give her a tip for speakers.  I gave her “The most important question for a speaker”.  Video here and summary on Irina’s blog: Best Conference Tips.

It was a fantastic experience to spend a weekend with Europe’s Toastmasters organisation.  Irina has provided a nice summary of my educational session: Leadership in Turbulent Times.  I met 300 people who all share a passion for excellence in speaking.

Are you a member of Toastmasters?  Were you at the Barcelona conference?  Looking to find a club near you?  Here is the Toastmasters Club Finder.  Have a great week.

Were you at the Barcelona Conference?
BTW if you are a Toastmaster, and you were at the conference, and you were in my session…  I would love feedback…  you guys are kings of this…  what can I do to make my session more engaging, more impactful, more valuable to you?  Thanks.  Stick it in the comments here below.  My friend Florian says that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”… personally I enjoy being told how wonderful I am, but I suspect there is a limit to my growth via praise alone 😉

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