How can I learn to be more Influential?

Daniel Shi gives a simple but profound answer to “How can I learn to be more Influential?” over on Quora:

I think that you can certainly become influential without having to do something “extraordinary.”

7 Steps to become more Influential

  1. Connect with many people. Learn that just because someone may not be important today, it doesn’t mean that he or she won’t be in the future. And even better if it is with your help.
  2. Remember people’s names and what you talked about. Have a repository in memory of what you talked about. Everybody you know has some request for help that you may be able to help them with. Have it cycling in your head as you go about meeting more people and encountering new things. When something clicks, act upon it. And that brings me to:
  3. Follow up. Find reasons to talk to people. Do this out of genuine desire to build relationships and to help people. Learn to tell the difference between being genuine and when you are being too forward.
  4. Develop a love of helping other people. See the success of other people as being your success, rather than a lost opportunity for you. If you help someone else out, they will remember you down the road.
  5. Don’t think of interactions with people as a one shot deal. You will no doubt meet that person again some day. You will have another interaction with them as well.
  6. Learn to communicate well. None of the above is really applicable if you find it difficult to craft a message.
  7. Be likeable, but not to everybody.

And of course, this is the most important lesson that I ever learned from my college accounting professor:

Your name is your most valuable asset.

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4 responses to “How can I learn to be more Influential?”

  1. All good points. I would add be consistent and be true to your cause.
    Consistancy is being able to be counted on. And being true to your cause..I.e. yourself is knowing why you are doing your plan/goals.

    1. Integrity is saying “no” to most requests for your time; otherwise you are not living your values, your life is divided up into little pieces dedicated to other people’s values. You can’t trust someone who can’t trust themself.

  2. It’s impressive what remembering other people’s names can do to their own perception of you (me)… For most of us it’s a difficult task, but I’ve learned that, aside of the fact there are very useful techniques to remembering names, the fundamental key to excel at it (and probably at the other six points as well) is to care.

    1. Sebastian, yes – it makes an impact. My father is brilliant at remembering names. I have to work hard at it.

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