7 Typical Challenges of Weak Communicators

7 Challenges of Weak Communciators

These are 7 challenges that can be overcome if you take the time to improve your communication skills.  Some have very quick fixes, others require considerable practice to turn into strengths.

  1. I lose people’s attention easily
  2. People agree, but then do nothing
  3. People avoid my phone calls (… at least I think so!)
  4. People avoid giving me feedback (or only “sugarcoated”)
  5. I have difficulty listening to others
  6. People never agree with me
  7. People “hijack” my meetings, my presentations, my conversation


What are your Communications Challenges?

2 responses to “7 Typical Challenges of Weak Communicators”

  1. giving a lecture on leadership to 16-year olds and show them OUR leaders like vince lombardi, gandhi, jfk and all the other usual suspects. my biggest waterloo of communication, and i’m not even french! lesson learned: next time, the first thing i’ll do is sit down with them in a circle and ask them about THEIR leaders. from there, we can talk about leadership in general. always know your audience first!

    1. Thank you Florian for your honesty. So true, my leaders may not be your leaders; my role models may not inspire you. Important to really know your audience.

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