How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)

Today’s Rhetorical Journey video

I’m committed to sharing 1 new youtube video each week for the whole of 2017.  This is week 4 and my video today is “How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)

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How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)

If you are reading this via email, watch the video on the blog here: How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)

Your Questions, Comments and Ideas…

My best blog posts have always come from interactions with readers…  comments, questions via email, twitter, facebook…  I’d love your help to think about ideas for future videos.  What questions do you have?  What topics should I cover?  What lessons should I share by video?  I read all the comments 😉


7 responses to “How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)”

  1. Hi Conor,

    first af all thank you for sharing your learnings! this video actually has a very good IMPACT on me!

    i’d like to suggest a topic i’m really interested to: the hypersensitivity and how to manage it for better relationships.

    Thank you!


  2. Great Post Conor, Love the £ coins idea, the greatest deposit into the other persons emotional bank account is to as you said “Listen” and its not just for you to understand but that it makes them feel understood, the 5th Habit of my mentor Stephen Coveys 7 habits – When I train SLT’s all over the world and ask them to rate as a % their ability to listening retain info they all say 80/90% , then I measure it , and where ever I go it is always 16% !!!! it is as Stephen said: most people don’t listen to understand, they listen to respond, they are either speaking or preparing to speak!

    1. Wow, and what is their initial reaction when they see that they listen 16%? I used to think I was a good listener… but discovered I was listening to reply, not listening to really be changed by the other person’s words, viewpoints, perspectives and experience 😉

      1. Yes we are all a work in progress Conor, the shock on faces when they know it is only 16% is a picture! but thats not all , I then have a test to see how much of the 16% is the made up factor and thats on average 30% so in Sales where I do a lot of this coaching Listening, real Empathic level Listening is a BIG issue

  3. Fadel Ramadan,PMP (@fadelramadan86) Avatar
    Fadel Ramadan,PMP (@fadelramadan86)

    Dear Mr. Conor

    I have a suggestion for a topic to cover for coming weeks, I noticed how you are committed to posting a vedio each week and I think what will go along with it if you could encourage the readers to comment and start a discussion instead of pressing like button(I call it the lazy button 😀)
    or just writing” thanks for sharing”
    a simple vedio explain effective comments and writing then the communication Will be from top and down

    Good luck

    1. I like the idea 😉 Include a question or poll for viewers… get more interaction. “liked” 😉

  4. I’d welcome your ideas on future videos to make… what questions should I answer? What topics should I address? Thanks for all ideas (absurdity is valued)

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