Listen with Your Eyes

This week I have been teaching at the Mid Atlantic Business School on the island of Santa Cruz de la Palma. This video shares a lesson that many participants took from the day: “Listen with Your Eyes“.

Hearing is a sense that differs from all our other senses, because it has a buffer. I am able to re-listen to the last 8 seconds of what I have recently heard. This allows me to pay little attention to what is being said, until I hear my name or a silence that indicates that someone is waiting for me to respond. We need to practice listening to a deeper level – what I call “listening with your eyes”.

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4 responses to “Listen with Your Eyes”

  1. Alexander Halili Avatar
    Alexander Halili

    Very excellent reflection Conor hats off to you my mentor…. in addition to this I’ve learned the three strategies of persuasive communication since you’ve focus on one strategy today which is ETHOS -persuading your audience through credibility by using evidence of your experience, expertise,credentials and by confidently discussing the subject matter…

    1. Thanks Alexander! Glad you are learning from these videos… I might make some more “technical” videos about logos, ethos, pathos rather than my current “tell a story” style of videos 😉

  2. How come – during ”listening with your eyes” – you left us looking at dark sunglasses. . . :-). Clouds enough!

    1. You are right… a clear hypocracy! I will remove sunglasses to speak about listening with eyes in future 😉

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