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Should all Leaders start a YouTube Channel? | with Christoph Magnussen

This is an interview that I recorded with Christoph Magnussen during the EO Global Leadership Conference recently. It is part of a series of video blogs that Christoph is producing called: WorkDay Vlog. Christoph has some great videos on his channel Workday Vlog and Worktools¬† – covering the new way of work, cloud tools for […]

How to Put Together a Killer Presentation

How to Put Together a Killer Presentation A simple infographic that will take you through the steps to create a killer presentation, presented by London Speakers Bureau. Thanks to London Speaker Bureau ūüėČ

Improve your Stories: use more “therefore”s and “but”s

“What if a writer is trying to tell a story and nothing much happens, nothing is resolved…” How to Tell A Boring Story Use: “and then this happened”. The essential ingredient of a boring (it is going nowhere) story is the “and then this happened”… ¬†“and then this happened”… ¬†“and then this happened” structure. There […]

Launching a New Youtube Channel

I uploaded my first educational tips video to youtube in January 2011. ¬†I wanted to reach out to a wider audience than can come and attend IESE Business School in Barcelona or in Madrid, or those who read my blog. Today, there are¬†77 short educational videos on the channel, and with 1.3 Million views, the […]

7 Steps to the Perfect Story

Stories are Predictable “We think of stories as a wildly creative art form but within that creativity and that diversity there is a lot of conformity. Stories are very predictable. No matter where you go in the world, no matter how different people seem, no matter how hard their lives are, people tell stories, universally, […]

What is a story?

At the very simplest, a story is: A character Who wants something Overcomes obstacles to get it An epic story is A character Who wants something massive And is willing to risk everything to get it The real depth of any story is not whether the character achieves the goal but who they become as […]

IESE Speaking Gurus Interview Series

This is a series of 10 interviews with the expert coaches during the IESE EMBA Intensive week 2013. ¬†(If you are viewing via rss, video on the blog here). ¬†The Expert Contributors are: Tony Anagor¬†() Florian Mueck¬†() Conor Neill (Me!) () Tobias Rodrigues¬†() John Zimmer¬†() The Speaking Guru Interviews How to get the best out […]

6 Keys to Get Your Email Read [Video]

6 Keys to Get Email Read Here are 6 keys to engage the reader when you ask for some help via email: Indicate the¬†social connection¬†between sender and reader ‚Äď where did you meet? ¬†who put you in contact? ¬†“We met at the Foundum Unplugged conference 2 weeks ago” Understand¬†the readers perspective¬†‚Äď what context (background information) […]

The #1 Most Important Tool in Negotiation

There is a power tool in negotiation. ¬†I would say this is the single most useful tactic that I use in my years of selling (I sell private jets among other high value products). It is not competitive, it is not aggressive, it is not avoiding anything. It does not require massive intellectual development, years […]

Your Job is Not Your Job

If someone asked you, ‚ÄúWhat is your job?‚ÄĚ, what would your response be? ¬†Go ahead, take a minute to think about your answer. ¬†I asked a similar question a few weeks ago in my post Become Indispensable: Solve Interesting Problems) Professor Fred Kofman tells a story about a question that changed his outlook on this […]

Centrifugal Performer

By Milica Ilic

Manner of Speaking

"All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." ‚ÄĒ Ralph W. Emerson


breathing made easy

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