How to Make People Feel Good about themselves

I’ve had some tough days this year.

I am not alone.

Covid is a physical disease, but the wider impact will be on the mental health of the billions who have been hit by the economic shutdown.

Who do you feel is struggling to keep things together?

Every single one of us has incredible power to lift up the spirits of the people that are around us. It requires a choice. It is harder when you are struggling yourself. It is important. The people around you need your leadership.

How can we help those around us feel good about themselves?

In the video, I share 3 ideas.

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Let them help you
  3. Shine a light on their strengths

Who needs your attention today? Who around you would benefit from a few minutes of facetime or skype or a phone call?

4 responses to “How to Make People Feel Good about themselves”

  1. Manuel Lafuente Avatar
    Manuel Lafuente

    Happy to see you´re back…, for me it´s inpiring to see those videos when I feel blue. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Manuel – I think we all need to prepare a list of the resources and people that we can reach out to when we need a boost of confidence to take action

  2. Ecatherine Matnadze Avatar
    Ecatherine Matnadze

    Brilliant! I would say it’s important to know how to ask quality questions – the type that put a person in a more positive, resourceful state of mind…. :-))

    1. questions are a superpower.

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