7 Critical Elements of an Entrepreneurial Pitch

How to Pitch?

There are 7 critical elements of an effective entrepreneur “Pitch” that works (video here on the blog):

The 7 elements of a good entrepreneurial elevator pitch

A good entrepreneurial elevator pitch will contain these 7 elements:

  1. description of the problem you solve
  2. the individuals or groups that will benefit
  3. the specific product or service you will deliver
  4. how you differ from competitors and other substitutes
  5. how you will make money
  6. what resources you require (money, time, support, expertise)
  7. an outline of the value that will be created
What do you think?  What is the best pitch you have seen?  How much time do you spend preparing and practicing your pitch?

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  2. I am here. I like your pitch article. However I miss a concrete example.
    How yo present the problem is one of the most important points. As we talk about the perception of the problem. Does the listener identifies himself with the problem? Yes, but only if I know how to present that in a way that both my emotional and rational brain would perceive the problem as such.
    Usecases help presenting problems.
    Tell me how a real user is confronted with the problem and how you plan to solve it…which is already an intro to the product.
    Your points reveal the slide deck, but they don’t show me how I get it right. How I make my audience stand up and cheer once I am done with the pitch.

What are your thoughts?

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